First created in the 1950s, float tanks have seen a resurgence in recent years. Although there’s a lot of mystery surrounding float tanks, sometimes referred to as “sensory deprivation tanks”, don’t let that fool you! Your float experience doesn’t have to be out-of-this-world it can simply be, relaxing. If you’re like me and enjoy a massage or a soak in a warm tub, you’ll most likely enjoy a float tank.

Back when I was living in Missouri I was gifted a float at the local health spa. I had always been curious to try one, but I never took the time to look into it myself. Though I’m not someone who is claustrophobic, I did have a little apprehension about the tank itself: How small is the tank? How dark would it be? Could I even relax enough to enjoy it? Looking back, I’m so grateful for that gift because it introduced me to a whole new world of relaxation. They call it a “post-float glow” for a reason!

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What is a Float Tank?

Float tanks are pretty much exactly what they sound like: giant bathtub-like tanks that you can float in. The tanks use a highly concentrated salt water solution allowing you to feel weightless. It’s as close to floating in the Dead Sea as you’re going to get! The weightlessness relieves pressure on your joints and spinal cord; trust me when I say that feels so good.

Another benefit to float tanks is the reduction of outside stimuli. It’s nice to tune out every once in a while! Every float spa does things differently with some offering gentle lighting and music, or if you prefer you can float in complete darkness and silence. It’s a great time to reflect on your thoughts, a mantra—or simply nothing at all.

Where to Float

Floating is my favorite way to de-stress, so naturally when I moved back to West Michigan one of the first things I did was research the nearest float spas. I’m so glad this trend has made its way up north! We’re fortunate to have several float spas in the area within driving distance. I can’t wait to find some time to check out these local businesses and see how Michigan floats.

The Zen Dens- Kalamazoo

Located on Stadium Drive, The Zen Dens has a variety of different wellness experiences. In addition to their float tanks they offer pink Himalayan salt caves and red light therapy.

Phlot- Grand Rapids

The Eastown spa’s float tanks are some of the largest on the market, perfect for those who may feel a little claustrophobic. Phlot also offers a "Fire and Ice" experience where you can alternate between using their cold plunge tubs and sauna.

Revive Spa- St. Joseph

This spa offers a free first float to military, police, veterans, and first responders. Their tanks appear to be a bit smaller, but they offer the same stress and stimuli reduction nonetheless. You’ll also find additional face and body treatments like teeth whitening, massages, and tanning.

The Dazzling Glowing Barn of Kinde, Michigan

When the sun goes down, the architecture of the barn really shows its true beauty as the sun explodes through every nook and cranny. 

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