A downtown festival that has been a staple in Battle Creek’s bridge to summer won’t happen again this year.

Kellogg Arena, the organizers of the National Cereal Festival, recently announced that the 2021 edition won’t happen this year, postponing the event for the second straight year. Even as the pandemic is starting to go on the decline, the safety and health of the Battle Creek community along with out of town guests and staff remains the priority. The current federal, state and local health guidelines only allow up to 7500 patrons for outdoor events, making it almost impossible for the event to occur.

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In the release, Kellogg Arena General Manager Ben Randels said -

At this time last year we were hopeful that we could hold the Cereal Festival again in 2021. It just isn’t possible in the current environment but we are already planning for a return to our cereal heritage with an outstanding event in 2022.

The two local cereal brands, Kellogg Company and Post Brands, will be sending the breakfast items they provide for the annual Cereal Fest to the South Michigan Food Bank, which provides food in need for seven counties in the South Central region of the state. The amount of food provided has not been formally announced.

The event is expected to return to its normal slot on the 2022 calendar on the second Saturday in June - June 11, 2022.

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