Most of us who go to big time college sporting events as well as concerts know that scalping tickets above the face value in Michigan is illegal.  Well illegal for some but not all.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is reporting on a bill here in Michigan that could change that.  Currently Michigan law prohibits anyone from reselling event tickets above their face value, that is unless the venue hosting the event grants permission.  The exception of “unless the venue hosting the events grants permission” is the one exception that allows companies like Stubhub, Netchoice and others to sell their tickets above face value.  That is where the corporations can get away with it and the proverbial little guy cannot.

The penalty for selling event tickets to another person above face value without the venue’s or operator’s permission can be a misdemeanor that carries penalties of up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.

State Representative Tim Kelly, a Republican from Saginaw Township, wants to level the playing field by making it legal for anyone to sell their tickets above face value.  His bill H.B. 4224 Repeal ticket scalping ban would do exactly that and end this un-level, shall we say, playing field.

HB 4224 was introduced and passed the Michigan House this month on a 71 to 36 vote, with 54 Republicans and 17 Democrats voting yes.

NetChoice Vice President Carl Szabo was quoted in the article stating:

NetChoice supports [the bill] as it updates an 80-year-old law that restricts Michigan fans’ ability to sell at market prices…Michigan stands virtually alone with this restriction that harms the ability of fans to recoup their ticket expenses.

It is time to allow what everyone knows is happening and allow the little guy to sell his tickets for whatever he or she can get for them without breaking the law.

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