There was a scam going around Hillsdale County a few weeks ago that people were getting calls from the police about warrants, well now it has spread. The scam that I mentioned a week or two ago was about how people were getting calls from the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office about how the caller had a warrant for their arrest, and if they didn't pay they would be arrested. Obviously, this is a scam as the police won't call you to arrest you. If you missed this scam you can check it out here.  

Well now that same scam has spread to Jackson County. The scam which has the same basic idea as the Hillsdale scam, has the scammer asking for cash cards sometimes instead of your account information. No matter what, the police won't be asking you to give them money so they won't arrest you over the phone! The Jackson County police has said this is a scam and their press release according to WILX says, "Bonds are typically arranged at one of two jail facilities and are normally facilitated by a reputable bonding company."

So just a reminder that even though it is the holiday season please don't fall for these scams! Also don't be buying gift cards, cash cards, or money orders, and giving the number to people over the phone as they can cash it and also get you information. Read more on it here. 

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