Almost as if on cue – people trying to scam utility customers in Michigan are at it again. We’re in the middle of Michigan’s’ Utility Scam Awareness Week. But the criminal scammers don’t care. The latest round of complaints about the bogus calls is coming this week from Coldwater and outlying areas in Branch county. Scammers posing as utility company representatives are calling residents and threatening immediate utility shutoffs unless the residents make an immediate payment over the phone.

Of course utilities don’t work that way. If you get a call like that you should report it to your utility that is being misrepresented or to your local police department.

Utility companies do not:
-Require immediate payment by phone
-Endorse or require a prepaid debit card, gift card, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for payments;
-Collect payment at customers’ homes or businesses;
-Ask for Social Security numbers, bank account or credit card   information by phone.

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