That's a lot of cheese! The state of Michigan has awarded a $725,000+ grant that will be added to private funds to revitalize this Marshall institution. 

Schuler's has been a landmark in Marshall since 1909. For more than a century, this family-owned restaurant has been feeding families, celebrating special occasions, and making memories. There have been a few changes along the way and more are to come. Let's answer some questions:

Didn't it used to be called Win Schuler's

Yes, it did. After Win Schuler retired in 1982, his son Hans took over and shortened the name. People of a certain age still call it "Win Schuler's" (and there's nothing wrong with that).

Is it still family-owned?

No. Founded in 1895, Schuler's was sold in 2019 and, for the first time in a century, is no longer owned by the family. Few changes were made.

What happened to the cheese?

Schuler's was famous for their "Bar Scheeze". The name, recipe, and rights to the original were sold to Campbell’s Soups in 1982. You can still find it at some grocery stores and online. At the restaurant, they have a new healthier concoction called “Heritage Cheese Spread".

Was the upper level a hotel?

Yes. The Royal Hotel and Restaurant was purchased by Albert Schuler in the early 1920s- and still stands today. The hotel was closed in the 1970s.

What's happening now?

A major $2,000,000 makeover has just been announced by Governor Whitmer, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and Michigan Strategic Fund. The rehabilitation project will renovate the second and third floors of the historic Schuler’s restaurant in the city of Marshall. When completed, the project will include seven new, mixed-income apartments on the second and third floors, activating long-vacant, unutilized space in a highly visible building in the heart of downtown Marshall.

The restoration of the Schuler’s restaurant building will revitalize a beloved historic fixture while building on the vibrancy and attractive amenities that already exist in downtown Marshall. This project is a great example of how we continue to focus on supporting community efforts that fill housing needs for our residents and build a foundation for long-term economic opportunity in Michigan.

-Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

We'll drink to that. Here's to creating another one hundred years of history in downtown Marshall.

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