Former Battle Creek Mayor, state senator and U. S. representative Dr. Joe Schwarz speaks frankly on a number of current subjects, including any future practice as a physician.

Schwarz spoke out against a proposed part-time legislature, a proposal touted by Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, contending a part time legislature shifts more power to the executive branch - namely, the governor. Rep. Dr. John Bizon (R-Battle Creek) also spoke out against the proposal recently on 95.3 WBCK.

After his contract was not renewed with Grace Health last month, Schwarz is clear that he believes Grace has made a mistake. He feels the decision to eliminate his ENT expertise from the practice was shortsighted.

Schwarz also weighs in on the current words between President Trump and North Korea. Click the player above to hear his comments.


BONUS VIDEO - Dr. Joe Schwarz Discusses The Election, And The Presidential Transition | Richard Piet Show

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