A second Battle Creek man has been ordered to stand trial for the disappearance and apparent murder of Amber Griffin.

It has been over a year since the then 27-year-old mother of two was last seen or heard from. Amber Griffin's former boyfriend, 26-year-old Derek Horton, is jailed, facing an upcoming trial. He’s charged with Amber's homicide.

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There seems to be no doubt she’s been murdered. Evidence includes three separate locations of blood that was identified as Amber Griffin's and the shovel that was purchased at Mix Hardware with a receipt and video from the business that positively identifies Horton. But her body still hasn’t been found. Amber has been missing since the end of June 2020. The couple had a long documented history of domestic violence.

Now another Calhoun County Circuit Court trial is being ordered surrounding the case. Horton’s friend, 28-year-old Julice Haggerty, is also facing a trial connected to Amber’s disappearance. District Court Judge Paul Beardslee is deciding there’s enough evidence to send him to trial for lying to police investigators and tampering with case evidence. Police believe Haggerty knows more about Griffin’s disappearance than he’s admitting to.

Haggerty initially admitted to police that he disposed of and cleaned items that had blood the morning after a house party where Amber was last seen. He later told investigators that he had not seen Horton since June 22, 2020, despite being seen on surveillance footage in Mix Hardware with Horton on June 23, 2020.

There have been dozens of law enforcement involved and volunteer searches in different areas throughout Battle Creek to search for Amber's body. To date, those results have come up empty.

One Year After Amber Griffin Was Last Seen

A vigil and remembrance ceremony has held on June 23, 2021, to mark one year since Amber was last seen. Amber's family, friends, and members of the community gathered at Battle Creek's Leila Arboretum. There they prayed, shared stories and photos of Amber then released balloons. Plans for a 'Walk to End Domestic Violence' event were announced that will likely take place later this summer or early fall.

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