I uncovered some amazing video of Senator Chuck Schumer discussing immigration reform and illegal aliens, his words, from back in 2009.  Listen to them and compare that to the Senator calling the ending DACA “heartless” on Tuesday.

During a speech at the Immigration Law & Policy Conference at Georgetown Law, Senator Schumer repeatedly argued that immigration reform should focus on encouraging legal immigration and should make clear that “illegal immigration is wrong.”

Hear it for yourself, the relevant portion begins at 1:30:

Now if your jaw is still connected to your mouth, let us now move on to what President Obama and what he said about DACA.

Despite an angry statement about President Trump’s decision to rescind DACA, former President Barack Obama admitted in 2012 that the program was intended to be temporary.

During a speech announcing the new Department of Homeland Security Policy, President Obama explained that the protections for dreamers were just “temporary relief.”

Once again hear it for yourself, the relevant portion begins at 3:50:

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