Have you ever done something where you actually might have been breaking the law? None of us will admit to it, but don't be so sure that you have never broken the law.

Let me ask you a few questions:

Have you ever jaywalked?

Have you ever thrown trash out of you car window?

Have you ever been speeding down the highway or not worn your seatbelt?

So, I'll ask you again, have you ever broken the law? I think we all have at one time or another.

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Let's take a look at some common laws courtesy of araglegal.com:

1. Prank calling. Have you ever prank called someone? I know I have, but it was all in fun. Believe it or not, if your prank calls are harassment calls or along the line of disorderly conduct, then you're breaking the law.

2. Throwing out mail belonging to previous tenants. Even throwing out junk mail is considered breaking the law. Isn't that crazy? The best thing you can do is write return to sender and put it back in your mailbox and let the post office take care of it.

3. Failure to update your driver's license. This is especially true if you plan on moving to a different state. The law requires you to update your driver's license.

4. Failure to get a dog license for your pet. I think it's wise for all dog owners to get a dog license for their best friends. Just keep one thing in mind, if your dog is found without a license, there is the possibility of paying a fine.

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