Wednesday's weather has seemed pretty normal for a summer day in West Michigan: Calm, hot, good for beaching or boating... well, that's supposed to change drastically tonight.

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According to Fox 17, West Michigan has been placed in an enhanced risk for strong/severe thunderstorms Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

Possible severe weather includes:

  • Damaging straight line winds up to 80 mph possible
  • Large hail
  • Frequent lightning
  • Torrential rainfall and flash flooding
  • Even an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out

According to the National Weather Service,

The threat of severe weather has increased for tonight. A line of severe storms is expected to begin to move in sometime after 10 pm, with the overnight hours the main time of concern. Damaging winds are the main threat, some of which could be significant. Isolated tornadoes will be possible. The highest threat area will be South and West of a Ludington to Lansing line.


Here's information from the State of Michigan on how to prepare for and how to stay safe during tornadoes and thunderstorms.

You can find out more about Wireless Weather Alerts that warn of severe weather sent from the National Weather Service here.

Looking ahead to Thursday, there will be early morning showers with storms possible through 8a.m., then decreasing clouds, but still humid. Highs in the low to mid 80s. Dangerous waves and currents are expected along the lakeshore.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

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