Another case of counterfeit $100 bills has surfaced in the Battle Creek area.

The Battle Creek Enquirer says that just before midnight Tuesday a 32-year-old Battle Creek woman approached a police officer, and said she had been given two suspicious $100 bills. She told officers that she went to a gas station with the money, and the clerk told her it was counterfeit. At first, she didn’t want to tell police how she got the cash, but she eventually admitted that a man came to her home and had sex with her, with him giving her the $200 as payment afterwards.

Last week, Battle Creek Police said that they were seeing a rash of fake $100 bills being used in the city and surrounding areas; these bills were originally 10s that were bleached and then reprinted as 100s so they can pass the marker test retailers use. Authorities are seeking a woman captured on surveillance footage using those fake bills.

It’s not clear if this new case is tied to these other fakes.

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