It's Shark Week and while we can't get out into our own state's waters to see them in all their glory, these creatures are the closest we're going to get!

As much as some of us love fishing we can all admit some fish either look or are just plain scary (looking at you, Asian Carp!)

If you heard about sharks in the Great Lakes ever, you might find yourself saying "that's bull" and you would actually be about half right.

Legend has it, while a Bull Shark could survive in fresh water, the Great Lakes would still be a bit too cold for it to actually thrive; however, global warming could have an effect on that.

Despite the many tall tales and pranks surrounding stories of sharks in the waters surrounding the Mitten state, there really has not been and probably could never be.

However, these critters are creepy and dangerous enough to actually be Michigan's own "Jaws."

Great Lakes Fish That Might As Well Be Sharks

You might notice a similarity between each of these creepy critters and it's that most of them are invasive species!

The Great Lakes just aren't a place where evil naturally exists so, of course, this cruel world decided to add some to it!

Lamprey were able to adapt from their natural habitat of the ocean.

Pacu, for another example, are usually released into the wild by irresponsible pet owners who no longer wish to keep them in their aquariums.

What is the scariest thing you've ever seen in the Great Lakes? How would these compare?

Still wondering why sharks didn't make the list? Here's a few reasons why!

3 Reasons Sharks Can't Survive in the Great Lakes

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