A President should be chosen by their policies and not by what body parts they have or the color of their skin, don’t you think?

Well apparently some in the Democratic Party think otherwise.  The New York Times published an article the other day titled “Should a White Man Be the Face of the Democratic Party in 2020?”

A 27-year-old law student who is a democrat said he is encouraged that there is a large field of candidates in the Democratic Presidential Primary race.   He believes that this large field is a great equalizer, and:

if at the end of it we get an old white guy, someone who represents the status quo, it’ll be because they’ve proven themselves.

A democrat dental hygienist was quoted in the article stating:

Personally, I’d love to see a woman...If people are being catty and holding gender or race against a candidate, it would break my heart.

Pam Van Arsdale, a 64 year old women from Bedford, N.H., said “she would like to see a minority or female candidate catch fire, and worries that nominating a white man could cause some liberals to skip voting in November 2020”.

In researching for their article the authors said they interviewed many Democratic voters and most told them told them that the most important qualification for their candidate is someone who has the ability to defeat Mr. Trump.

Interesting, their question is should a white man be the face of the Democratic Party and their qualification is someone who can beat President Trump.  None of them stated a qualification that their candidate should have is one with policies that they believe would be best for America, all Americans.

It appears all they really care about is raw power, not whether the policies of that person would help all of us Americans.

A person’s body parts or color should not be a qualification at all when it comes to choosing the leader of the United States and the free world.

We as American people should be more concerned about what is best for us not a certain party.

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