Recently, Battle Creek city commissioners had an opportunity to clear the first hurdle on an official policy for backyard farm animals in the city. A first vote resulted in a deadlock (the vote was 4 yeas and 4 nays, with Commissioner Mike Sherzer absent).

Residents commented at length for and against. Commissioners landed on either side of the issue.

Commissioner Mark Behnke voted against it, saying it might be too much too soon. Commissioner Andy Helmboldt voted in favor, citing an agreement with the notion that citizens should be allowed the freedom to have such animals in their yards if they wish.

Both acknowledged, though, a concern expressed by some that the city has trouble with animal ordinance enforcement already; adding to it could cause further issues. Both also acknowledged the idea will likely come back in front of commissioners at some point.

What do you think? Do you want to take advantage of a chance to have urban farm animals on your property? Do you have any concerns?

Click the player above to hear the whole interview with Behnke and Helmboldt.

BONUS VIDEO - Battle Creek City Planner Christine Zuzga Discusses Urban Farm Animals

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