Interesting that someone who tells us all constantly that people should not be judged via their race then turns around and believes people should get more taxpayer money via their race.

Last week on TBS’s “Full Frontal” show Democrat Senator from California stated that taxpayer funds intended to help people and states should be based on people’s color of their skin and not the fact that they are a human being.  A human being in which the color of their skin should not matter when determining their need during this pandemic.

Senator Harris said:

The disparities that have long existed based on race are now highlighted so of the things I’m calling for around this pandemic is that we make decisions about where the resources should go based on that issue.

I like how she uses the word “resources” instead of taxpayer funds or at least money.

The host of the show, Samantha Bee asked her:

Why do you think so many other members of Congress have so much trouble calling this systemic racism? Is it because they have never faced anything like this in their entire natural born lives?

Excuse me, did I miss something?  What “systemic racism”?

Without missing a bigoted beat Senator Harris replied by saying:

I think it is because there is a problem in general that America doesn’t want to deal with its history on the issue of race and so they don’t want to call the problem what it is because they don’t like the form of the solution.

Interesting how the people who constantly call other people racist and bigots are actually the racist and bigot.

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