When is this madness ever going to stop? Please let us live in peace.

Mlive is reporting that a number of organizations, including the Michigan State Conference NAACP, ACLU of Michigan and Michigan Anti-Defamation League are requesting that Governor Snyder “condemn” the “hateful comments” of a small Northern Michigan Village President of Kalkaska Michigan.

Really, you want the Governor of Michigan to condemn the statement of a village President?

You see Governor Snyder had to come out the other day and dip his toe into this “trumped up” hate speech fiasco when he released a statement that said in part:

“hate speech and violence are not welcome in Michigan”

When I read that part of the Governor’s statement I was wondering what state would actually welcome “hate speech and violence”?

Regardless of what the Village President of Kalkaska Michigan said, are you really going to ask the Governor to condemn everyone's speech, no matter to what extent they are involved with politics?

These groups are quite honestly off the rails.

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