It has been a few years now under the new federal guidelines forcing schools to meet new nutritional standards and currently it is not being accepted by the children.

A survey given out during the School Nutrition Association's annual conference found that 25% of the schools who responded lost money for more than six months.  This was due to students not purchasing the more nutritious foods.

Also new stats from the US Department of Agriculture found that student participation is down in 49 states under the new standards.  That means 1 million students decided to stop buying their lunches from schools and brought their own from home.

Several counties in Michigan have stated that their student participation in purchasing lunch from schools is down as much as 5%.

The goal of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act was a good one, attempting to improve children's access to healthier foods but if they refuse to eat them then what?

Should the government decided what your children will eat and not eat or should that be up to the parents?

I understand offering the healthy lunches to the children and encouraging them to eat them but should they be the only options on the menu?

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