The question on some people’s minds is; should we, as the Detroit Free Press calls it, “Lock-Down” the entire state?  In fact, they would not “lock-down” the state they would issue a “shelter in place” order but when did words really matter to the staff writers at the Detroit Free Press.

It is sad the Detroit Free Press is performing yellow journalism in the way they are reporting on the COVID-19 issue and on the federal government’s response.  Again when did facts ever get in the way of the Free Presses reporting.

Their headline this morning published at 6:06 am stated:

Whitmer considers 'lock-down' order as coronavirus cases climb in Michigan

Well, of course, that option would and should always be on the table for any Governor but the manner in which they presented it evokes fear.  Even worse the content they wrote did not support the click-baiting headline they wrote and published 22 hours after her first TV appearance in which she did not state directly that she is considering it, words matter do they not?

The Free Press points to an interview Whitmer had that aired early yesterday morning on Fox News’s Sunday morning show.  In response to the question from host John Roberts whether she was going to issue a shelter in place order was:

Trust me, we are continuing to determine what we need to do to keep people safe, and to keep our health systems from being overwhelmed

Under her emergency powers, if she orders a shelter in place, Michigan businesses must inform employees they deem as non-essential to stay at home.

Right now we have approximately 1,035 residents who test positive and 9 confirmed dead; that is out of a population of approximately 10 million people.  Will those numbers rise, yes I suspect the positive results will drastically let’s hope the death not so drastically.

Will the Governor issue a shelter in place order, you bet she will because Ohio, Louisiana, New York, California, Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey already have.

The question I ask you is; do you believe Whitmer should issue a shelter in place order or as the Free Press has named it a “lock-down” of the state?

How would a shelter in place order really look like since they have closed or the businesses themselves have closed all over the state?  There really is not much to do other than grocery shop.

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