December is right around the corner and I think most of us are hoping for a white Christmas. Been hearing some talk that it could be a tough winter here, but really we have all learned it's tough to predict what is gonna happen here in Michigan.

Last few years we had a pretty good winter, I really don't remember having any problems driving or getting anywhere.

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What To Expect This December

Here is the deal, There is gonna be some drama in the Great Lakes and Canada that hints we could get very heavy lake-effect snow this winter. So, according to, there are two basic elements needed for the big dumping of lake-effect snow. We need very cold air aloft blowing over much warmer Great Lakes water.


The first step for heavy lake-effect snow to develop is a large temperature difference between the air temperature at the water surface and the air temperature at 5,000 feet to 10,000 feet up in the atmosphere.


Making The Best of Winter in Michigan

Nothing we can do if we have a tough winter, whatever will be, will be. I look at it this way, we dress very warm and get ready for all the winter fun Michigan has to offer.

Things like snowmobiling, sledding, and of course lots of skiing. Can't wait to hit the slopes soon

There are some incredible ski resorts to check out in Michigan depending on how far you want to drive.  You can check out some of the best at

Let's enjoy a great holiday season and welcome in 2022 with some great winter fun.

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