It was the pre-internet days, so it's hard to fund much information on Slice of Fun Pizza. We do know the building is empty and kind of sad. Take a look inside.

Timothy Birmingham's YouTube channel has amassed 137,000+ subscribers. More than two thousand people have checked in to watch him spend 30 minutes eating Christmas dinner. His other popular videos are weekly NFL picks and shorts using Snapchat filters that turn him into amusing characters like a dancing hot dog, an alien, and Mr. Finger. Birmingham's new hobby is exploring abandoned buildings in Battle Creek.

Sadly, many communities have buildings that once held vibrant, thriving businesses that now sit idle, empty, and abandoned. Birmingham has taken his camera gear to the former Hart Hotel, Southwestern Junior High School, and many other buildings that were once restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery stores in and around Battle Creek. What caught my attention was a restaurant I barely remembered: Slice of Fun Pizza.

I can't tell you precisely when they were open, but I am sure this was a buffet-style restaurant. I'm pretty sure it was the pre-cell phone era, and they've left really no impression on the internet either; a Google search turns up very little information. Timothy Birmingham doesn't have much more information than I do, but he has some fond memories, a look inside the abandoned restaurant, and a humorous delivery I think you'll enjoy.

Did watching that make you hungry for pizza?

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