Residents of a multi-residential home near downtown Battle Creek were forced out after a small fire was found inside one of the apartments early Monday morning.

Battle Creek firefighters responded to the corner of Fremont and Calhoun streets just before 12:30 a.m. on September 28th on a report of a structure fire. When they arrived, they did not see any fire at the time. Firefighters assisted residents out of the home when they went inside to investigate.

During the investigation, a fire was located on the second floor in the kitchen of the apartment and was quickly extinguished. The other apartments were investigated and were deemed safe. The apartment that was affected was ventilated of smoke and minimal damage was caused.

All of the residents were able to return to their apartments after roughly a half-hour outside with no injuries to report.

The department stated in a release that the fire started from discarded smoking material in the kitchen trash.

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