Ben Zabin started off in the magic scene as a youngster and won over a dozen international awards and honors. A lot changed once he entered college and after dropping out, Ben Zabin went right on to selling weed. To some, there could be some criticism, but Ben took this as a way to do something really unique, and that's make an adults only, cannabis themed magic show:

He is now back onstage bringing his unique brand of comedy and magic to venues all over the country- from off-Broadway in New York City to the famous Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and everywhere in between including cruise lines and comedy clubs in major casinos.  He’s been called “The Best!” (HuffPost), “Amazing!” (Tommy Hilfiger), and “A Natural Born Performer!” (Greenwich Magazine).

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On April 23rd, he'll be in Kalamazoo at Dormouse Theatre at 1030 Portage Street to perform for a 18+ crowd for Smokus Pocus, and tickets are $28. There will be no use of cannabis allowed at the venue, nor will there be any selling of it, but they don't discourage their audience showing up stoned:

This magical extravaganza is packed with tricks so trippy that you’ll be asking “what the f—?!” Caricatures will come to life, objects will vanish and reappear in impossible places, minds will be read, and both the stoned and sober will love the high that is Smokus Pocus.

These shows usually run from 60 to 70 minutes and audience members must be 18+ and have I.D..

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