It's something we see all too often here in Michigan during heavy snowfall in the Winter time. Destroyed and mangled mailboxes taken out by snow plows or other cars on the road. The snow build up up gets so crazy that plows seem to just destroy hundreds of mailboxes each year, unintentionally, in Michigan alone. One invention I came across on Facebook the other day may be the solution to that problem. It's a spring-loaded mailbox. The middle of the post is actually a heavy duty spring which absorbs any impact. The Mailbox is dubbed the "Sno-Flex" and was created by Matthew Shamas.

When describing his product, Shamas says: "The goal was very straight forward. To help with the frustrations of mailboxes being wrecked by city plows. While many of us in New England choose to live here, there are many who do not like the snow. And having to spend money and time outside to repair your mailbox only makes it worse." Will you be picking one of these up if your mailbox gets taken out this year? Their products are for sale right now on their website.


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