"We have seen tremendous progress with the quality of the water," Governor Rick Snyder said on WBCK December 16, 2016, referring to the Flint Water Crisis. The governor said a summit of all parties working to correct the problem is planned for the end of the year, and he is looking forward to seeing the latest analysis to be reported in that session.

The governor's office is offering statistics on the recovery effort in Flint, saying more than 600 pipes have been replaced, with the state providing $27 million toward thousands of lead pipe replacements there.

Snyder's office also reports having allocated almost $43 million to "provide credits on residents' water bills to help cover the cost of water used for drinking and cooking".

The governor also discussed jobs growth in Michigan in 2016, concerns about education and districts on tenuous financial footing, like Battle Creek Public Schools. He also discussed what the state is doing to attempt to prevent more fallen officers in the state.

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