Well, you learn something every day or possibly you are reminded of something you may have forgotten.

I found an article in the Detroit News in which they reported that Michigan’s Republican Party freshly elected vice chairwoman “is recruiting Republicans to photograph addresses used on some Wayne County voter registrations”.

I thought this would be newsworthy for the listeners of my radio show, nothing earth-shattering but certainly newsworthy.  What caught my attention was the seventh paragraph in that article in which they wrote:

“Eligible voters without a permanent home address, like those who are homeless, are allowed to list a street corner or park address on a registration form, according to the Michigan Secretary of State's office. They can also list an address where they receive mail, according to the office.”

I thought to myself, really.  As I always inform my listeners you should always double-check any information reported by the “news” media if you question any part of it, that includes me.  I went to Michigan’s Secretary of State’s website and found the following:


“What should I list as my home address if I am currently facing homelessness?

There are a few recommended options for eligible voters without a permanent home address. You can:

  • List a shelter address as their voting address on voter registration form.

  • Use a street corner or a park address on voter registration form.

  • List an address where you receive mail.”

If you are or claim you are homeless you can use a street corner or park address on your voter registration.  In theory that may sound like a good idea, although I am pretty sure if you are homeless you are less worried about voting and more concerned about getting through each day.

As I stated in theory that may sound like a good idea but in practice, this is a golden opportunity to commit voter fraud.  Remember everyone who is not legally able to vote but actually does cancels out someone who can legally vote.  That is suppression of a person’s vote, no question about it.

When it comes to voting we should always error on the side of verifying who someone is and if they are legally able to vote.  Please notice I am not speaking about anyone’s ideology or Party.  Anyone who is legally able to vote AND is informed on the issues of the day as well as where a Party/Candidate stands on those issues and their policies to address them should be able to vote.

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