Michigan has been a state since 1837 and when I say Michigan I also include the Upper Peninsula.

As an example of our public school not teaching children the basics, the people at PepsiCo or their marketing firm are a perfect example.  The latest marketing campaign for one of their products, Mountain Dew, has pictures of all 50 states on their bottles.  No not all at one time, but one state at a time.

As reported in MLive:

The marketing campaign surrounds an ongoing contest by the company that rewards winners with a $100 prepaid gift card if the they collect the bottles of all 50 states.

One big problem, the Mountain Dew Label of Michigan does not include the Upper Peninsula and the map that appears in one of their online ads gives the Upper Peninsula to the state of Wisconsin.

Or maybe they are being brilliant and by making this obvious mistake they are garnering a lot more attention and tricking people to write about them.

Who would fall for that old trick?

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