Now, this is pretty funny — and bad scheduling — by President Barack Obama's people.

(His people seem to screw up quite a lot these days.)

Obama's administration confirmed the other day that the President will visit Ford Motor Companies Michigan Assembly Plant on Wednesday. One problem though: The plant will be closed.

Yes, the plant will be closed this week due to a sluggish demand for Ford's small gasoline and hybrid cars.

Why is the President visiting the Ford plant? He is expected to trumpet the turnaround of the U.S. auto industry.

Yes, you remembered correctly that the plant he is visiting to herald the turnaround of the auto industry will be closed because of lack of demand for the cars that are built at that plant.

I am not saying that things are not going well in the industry — I'm saying you would think that the President's people would know ahead of time to be able to change the venue.

I always say, "You are who you hang around with."

Your thoughts?

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