We are blessed with so much natural beauty in the Great Lakes region. See this amazing video where you can actually hear Spring coming and see a  sunset in 360°

It looks like panes of window glass shattering on the shore. This moving video was taken at  Glensheen, a 39-room  mansion on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth. owned and managed by the University of Minnesota. You can not only see but hear the ice moving on Lake Superior as the flow of the water breaks off shards of ice along the shore.

UpNorthLive fans describe the noise as "sounds of spring...hope," "scary," "magnificent," and one compares the sound to "my hips, legs and neck when I get out of bed." To those of us in Michigan and the Great Lakes, it is the sound of beautiful music.

The historic Glensheen estate also shared this 360° sunset photo- tap or click to take a look around.

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