The United States Supreme Court has ruled in a New Jersey Case that the state can move forward with legalizing sport gambling. The ruling appears to open the door to other states doing the same. Michigan is said to be one of the states that is set to explore sports betting.

As it stands now, Nevada was the only state that legalized sports books in their casinos. New Jersey wanted to do the same but was blocked by a federal law. That was the crux of the Supreme Court ruling.

Several states have been eagerly awaiting the outcome of the case to look at legalizing sports books. Michigan is said to be one of twenty states that is working on legislation to authorize sports betting.

The question would be around how sports betting would be implemented. Would the sports betting be limited to the three Detroit casinos?

What about Native American casinos in the state? They would not be bound by Michigan laws. The ruling could open up sports books there as well.

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