According to, spring is such an amazing time to look forward to.  With all the flowers blooming, the festivals kicking off, and so many fun activities to check out.

When it comes to doing fun things in spring, please keep in mind that some festivals and concerts will be either canceled or just temporarily postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to, let's take a look at several fun things to do in Michigan in spring:

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1.  Tulip festival.  This is such a beautiful event in Holland, Michigan.  The Tulip Time Festival has over five million tulips to enjoy.  It has been a local tradition for over 90 years. The festival takes place during the first week in May and features exhibits, and other fun events.  (

2.  Tour the local wineries.  According to, Michigan is home to many wineries that grow their own grapes and serve customers with tours, tastings, and wines by the glass.  May is Michigan Wine Month and a time when local wineries plan for lots of special events.

3.  Canoeing or Kayaking on a lake.  I'm fine with this as long as I don't have to do any paddling whatsoever.  All kidding aside, this is great exercise and lots of fun as long as you take your time.  Michigan is known for its lakes and rivers.  There are over 11,000 inland lakes in Michigan and about 120 major rivers in the state.  (

4.  Play a round of golf.  Now you're talking!  There's nothing better than playing a round of golf on a beautiful Michigan golf course.  According to, top courses to play in Michigan are Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club and Bay Harbor Golf Club along the Lake Michigan shore.  There are plenty of golf courses to play in Michigan, including 650 public golf courses.

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