Hillsdale County Republican State Representative Andrew Fink is cautioning schools, businesses, and governmental units about setting up COVID-19 vaccination requirements. The conservative state lawmaker is among a growing list of state legislators around the country who are proclaiming that privacy, religious practices, and health-related decision-making rights of US citizens must be respected.

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Representative Fink says Michigan colleges, universities, businesses joining the vaccine mandate bandwagon are improperly imposing restrictions and rules on US citizens.

The Michigan legislature is reviewing a plan to outlaw those mandates. A conference committee of members of both the State House of Representatives and the State Senate is now discussing the ramifications.  But Fink says the message should be clear. He says vaccine requirements are simply wrong.

“Corporate entities across Michigan are increasingly requiring employees to submit to a COVID-19 vaccination in order to maintain their employment. Businesses should not force members of their workforce to receive a brand-new medical intervention. Michigan’s citizens are able to assess which medical treatments are best for them. Pressuring workers to go against their conscience or religious beliefs by getting a vaccine is especially reprehensible.”

Earlier this year, Representative Fink joined a majority of Michigan State House lawmakers to approve a budget plan for statewide higher education. It specifically prohibits a college or university from requiring vaccination in order for a student to enroll, attend classes, and even to move into on-site residential housing. That demand is tied to state funding. Break the vaccine mandate rule and the money won’t be allocated to the school.

Conference committee members are expected to advance the legislation within the next couple of weeks with full legislative approval to follow. Then – the plan faces an uncertain future on the desk of Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

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