Michigan got off relatively easy from that Monday night storm. But there are still lingering effects. Consumers Energy still has about 500 customers across Southern Michigan without service this morning. But that’s a far cry from well over 30,000 who lost power at the height of the storm activity Monday night.   Indiana Michigan has over 11 thousand customers without service this morning. As many as one-third of that total are in Southwest Michigan. DTE Energy in Southeast Michigan has about 500 still without power. The State of Illinois had a couple hundred thousand customers without service at one point. As of early last evening, more than 40 thousand Indiana utility customers still had no service. More than twice that number lost service at the height of the storm.

Consumers Energy crews are caught up to the point where the utility is diverting some, to help out in the Hoosier state. About 5 dozen Consumers employees are on their way. Consumers is also releasing some contract crews to help out in Indiana. The assistance is through a group of electric providers in 10 states that work together to restore power after major storms. In June, Consumers Energy hosted mutual assistance crews from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, and Alabama. They worked around the clock for nearly a week to help restore power to more than 30,000 Consumers customers after several rounds of severe thunderstorms.

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