We in Michigan talk about our roads quite a bit.  Especially since our state legislators passed a $1.2 billion dollars a year increase in our gas tax and fees for our plates.

Many debate how bad our roads really are.

Well a new study from a group called LvI5 found that Michigan does actually have the worst roads in the United States.  Who is LvI5, they are a team of former Tesla engineers who creates HD maps for self-driving cars.  From their work they determined how bad roads are across the country.

LvI5 reviewed five million miles of driving on U.S. roads and found that Michigan does truly have the worst roads in the country, according to their criteria.

Who has the best roads, well believe it or not it is Florida.

They based their conclusion on four areas, those being:

  1. road paint fading
  2. pavement cracking
  3. potholes,
  4. and surface flatness.

In their study it was interesting to find out that state and federal governments spend approximately over $400 billion every year maintaining and building new roads.

According to their article on their study:

Lvl5 captures hundreds of thousands of miles of video data every month through their iPhone dashcam app, Payver. The app pays users up to $0.05 per mile to record their driving using their cell phone.

According to their methodology they randomly selected video frames from their captured data and ranked the roads in the 4 categories given above.  In total they sampled 15 million frames.

As I stated Michigan finished last in their study behind other Midwest states Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas and Illinois.  These states probably did worse due to the cold temperatures in the winter.  States that did not experience the cold winters did fare better.

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