From time to time, some of these stories come up on the Morning Show.  We laugh and generally make fun of the people involved, assuming that they are morons.  

Here are some of the best stories of this ilk, with the like to the full story.  Plus, I've tossed in some "not so stupid" stories with the sole purpose of increasing your general vault of useless knowledge.  I'm good for that kind of stuff.

Photo of the Day:  A 50-year-old guy on a cell phone walked calmly into a McDonald's in New York yesterday morning . . . with a six-inch KITCHEN KNIFE sticking out of his back.  He'd been in a knife fight with two men, and was taken to the hospital in serious condition.  Police are still looking for the other guys.  (Full Story)  (NOTE:  I SO wish I could post this guy's picture HERE, but copyright laws being what they are and all.  It's REALLY amazing!) 

A drunk guy tried to steal beer from a convenience store in Florida . . . while several COPS were standing right outside the front door.  (Full Story)

Is getting a college degree still worth it?  According to a new study . . . yes.  You'll make $1.2 MILLION more over your career if you have a bachelor's degree.  And $325,000 more if you have an associate's degree.  (Full Story)

A guy in New Hampshire stood in front of his window NAKED, because he wanted to shock his neighbors.  Which he did . . . and then got arrested.  (Full Story)

According to a new survey, American travelers are the best tippers.  60% said they ALWAYS tip, compared to just 27% of people from other countries.  (Full Story) created a new dating site called Mensa Match that's exclusively for Mensa members . . . which is the club for people who have high IQ's and need to feel validated about it.  (Full Story)

Nearly one in five women say that they sometimes avoid exercise because of their BOOBS.  Some said it makes them hurt, and others said it's just embarrassing when they start bouncing around.  (Full Story)


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