Coming from someone who grew up playing little league baseball, I've seen my fair share of parents get kicked out of games, including my own father. But it is something to look at, as we're supposed to get kids involved in things to learn lessons. What kind of lesson does it teach us when one little thing happens that we disagree with and the first thing we do is snap and yell and cuss and insult. That's not really building a foundation for an emotionally strong individual.

Apparently there's been some issues with parent at Sturgis Little League games, as one parent recently went public on their page to express their disappointment:

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STURGIS…we have a problem. Ugly displays from parents and coaches tonight in tonight’s little league games. We have very poor sportsmanship in STURGIS from our youngest youth teams through our high school programs. It’s not just in one sport, it’s everywhere in sports here. Parents, we need to be better examples to the kids and teach them to lose with grace and humility.

They went on to express that there are lots of people that care and make it possible for their kid to play in these leagues and urged parents to do better for the kids and do better with how they represent their town. Many parents chimed in with their own thoughts:

This was always a problem in SYSO. The kids were awesome but the parents

Manners, sportsmanship, integrity...We need to reteach so many things, and it is so very embarrassing.

We all want our kids to do well and win but winning is not everything. We need to teach them by example that you STILL need to respect people, whether it's another player or an official.

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