I read an article on the NBC News website titled "Seattle Pot Producer Rolling Out 12,000 Joints Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday."

According to the NBC news story, "A Seattle-based medical marijuana retailer is anticipating Seahawks fans will want a "super bowl" for Sunday's big game."

My first thought was, "If this is supposed to be medical marijuana, why would this pot producer believe that more doctors would be prescribing more marijuana for the Super Bowl?"

The article explains that employees at a pot-producing company named Solstice are working to roll an astonishing 12,000 joints for its special "12th Pack" promotion prior to Sunday's Super Bowl XLIX. That means company is rolling about 200 joints per eight-hour shift, which is double its normal pace, NBC affiliate KING5 reported.

The NBC article went on to explain that the name of the 12th pack is "a play on the 12th man — the nickname referring to football fans." As a means of marketing, Solstice said the 12th Pack is filled with a special 'Seahawks Blend'; Solstice plans to have it available to Washington state's recreational pot users by next season, KING5 reported.

And Solstice isn't the only pot company that's targeting Seahawk's fans.

"Last season, a Seattle marijuana delivery service called Green Umbrella began offering a homemade strain named after running back Marshawn Lynch, calling it "Beast Mode O.G." — a nod to his nickname. For this year's game, the company has rolled out a new strain called Beast Mode 2.0," according to NBC News.

This completely vindicates all of us who knew this medical marijuana push had nothing to do with "medical" necessity.

Again, I ask you if this weed is prescribed by doctors, why would "real" doctors prescribe more marijuana for the Super Bowl?

Are "real" doctors prescribing more Vicodin or Oxycontin for the Super Bowl?

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