It is a very sad story that has happened over and over again and is happening once again right here in Michigan. The longer the state has stretched out the vote the more ballots seem to appear in just the right amount for the Democratic candidate to win.

I saw it first happen with the race in Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District with Republican challenger Paul Judge.  Paul was up big on the freshman incumbent earlier in the day Wednesday and low and behold by 4:00 pm Democratic incumbent Elissa Slotkin jumped into a 17,000 vote lead at:

Elissa Slotkin (D) total votes of  222,121 equaling 51.1%


Paul Junge (R) total votes of  204,788 equaling 47.1%

Then we have the case of incumbent Democratic Michigan Senator Gary Peters and his Republican challenger John James.  James was beating Peters quite handily, in fact, he was up by 100’s of thousands of votes early yesterday.  Then by 4:00 pm walla:

 Gary Peters (D) total votes of 2,607,590 equaling 49.1%


John James (R) total votes of  2,601,926 equaling 49.0%

Peters overtakes James by less than 6,000 votes.

Do you get the picture?  It appears this election is being stolen from the people right in front of all of our eyes.

There needs to be more transparency in the election counting process for anyone to have faith in our elections any longer.

The mantra is every vote must be counted.  They are missing a word in their chant.  Every LEGAL vote must be counted.

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