Authorities in Ottawa County have released the name of a man accused of placing fireworks inside a church just hours before Sunday services were scheduled yesterday morning.

WOOD-TV reports the suspect is 32-year-old Anthony Lee Wabindato of the White Cloud area. Official charges have not been released related to the incident at St. Patrick-St. Anthony Catholic Parish in Grand Haven. Investigators say Wabindato entered around  7:00 am Sunday and assaulted a parishioner who was setting up for Mass with a broken chair. The parishioner suffered minor injuries and called police.

When officers arrived, the suspect made threats and a taser was used on him before he was arrested. They discovered the suspect had vandalized the building and broken a television. He also set up what are described as jumbo firecrackers inside and outside the building.  The fireworks were never lit. A bomb-sniffing dog from the Michigan State Police was brought in to do a sweep and no other explosives were found.

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