Battle Creek police have a suspect in custody who was charged with the attempted robbery at Sweetwater's Donut Mill last month.

Battle Creek police were able to apprehend the suspect who attempted to rob Sweetwater's Battle Creek location in early February after a fingerprint was obtained from the alleged weapon used in the incident. The weapon, a BB gun, was found abandoned near the scene upon police arrival and the thumbprint was matched to Lane.

Battle Creek police took 17-year-old Zaccur-Malachi Lane of Battle Creek into custody on Wednesday. Lane is charged with assault with intent to rob while armed, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. Lane appeared before a district court on Wednesday. His bond was set for $10,000 and his preliminary examination is scheduled for March 24.

When first questioned by police, Lane denied any involvement. He changed his story a second time alleging he waited outside while another suspect went into the store. Lane eventually admitted to attempting to rob the store alone. If convicted, Lane could face up to life in prison.

Though the robbery was unsuccessful, the impact changed how Sweetwater's Donut Mill does business in Battle Creek. The once 24-hour operation now opens at 5 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m.,  in part due to the incident.

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