$15 minimum wage

$15 Minimum Wage and Michigan Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates
If you advocate for a $15 minimum wage should you not also pay people who work for you at least $15 and hour?
You would think that is a stupid question but in today’s politics it is not.
The Michigan Capitol Confidential news site is reporting that all three of Michigan's declared candidates for Gover…
Michigan Democrat Governor Hopefuls Want $15 Minimum Wage
The Detroit News is reporting that the Democrats running for governor of the state of Michigan are backing a $15 minimum wage effort.
According to the article former state Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, former Detroit health director Abdul El-Sayed and entrepreneur Shri Thanedar all agree t…
President, Democrats and Unions Destroy Dreams
What do you think will happen if all of a sudden entry jobs that we as young budding adults started to pay $15 a hour?
Do you really believe that people with little to no experience will end up being hired for those jobs?  Forget about the possible cost of the service or products those businesse…