Ann Arbor

Disrespect for Our Country Grows
The wave of kneeling by liberals to show disrespect to our flag, country and police force is growing.
Now it has reached the liberal bastion of Ann Arbor and I am not talking about the U of M football team.
At Monday’s Ann Arbor city council meeting, four council members took a knee du…
MI City Most Educated in America
Congrat’s Ann Arbor, a WalletHub study has found that Ann Arbor is the most educated city in the United States.
The study looked at 150 of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, they evaluated each city using nine relevant metrics...
More Campaign Stops For Presidential Candidates In Michigan
With the Presidential Election tightening, the campaigns of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are making a few more stops in Michigan.
The RealClearPolitics average of state polls shows Clinton up 4.7% in Michigan, but our state is being treated as a battleground ahead of Tuesday’…
Ann Arbor’s Mike Tirico Moves from ESPN to NBC
Watch enough episodes of Monday Night Football and you'll hear lead announcer Mike Tirico slip in some mentions to Michigan and Detroit - and no surprise they creep in there, he lives in Ann Arbor. Now you'll be catching those allusions to Michigan on NBC as Tirico is set to jump ship from…
Olympic Dreams
(AP) The athletic department at the University of Michigan is seeking approval to move forward with a proposed $168 million Division I Olympic sports complex in Ann Arbor.
Train Escape
(AP) — A 63-year-old Ann Arbor woman grabbed her purse and escaped her stalled car before a freight train slammed into it on a rural Washtenaw County road.
MDOT Wasting Your Taxes
According to a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, your state of Michigan politicians are  spending $1.1 million a year of our taxpayer dollars to lease 23 passenger rail cars it can't use — and it looks like will not use — for the foreseeable future...
Poll on Drug Dealers
If a drug user chooses to take drugs, is it really fair to charge the dealer with a count of delivery of a controlled substance causing death?