Auto Insurance reform

State Rep. Maturen on Failed Auto Insurance Reform
A bill that would create three tiers of auto insurance options crashed and burned in the state legislature. State. Rep. Dave Maturen voted against the 'no-fault" reform bill and outlined his concerns talking with Tim Collins on the WBCK Morning Show.
Interview with MCPP’s Director of Research on Auto Insurance
I will be interviewing Mackinac Center for Public Policy Director of Research Michael Van Beek at 11:06 tomorrow morning.
Michael has been looking into the auto insurance reform issue and wrote the following:
State lawmakers are poised to take a huge step towards reforming Michigan&CloseCurl…
20-30% Drop in Your Michigan Auto Insurance, Maybe
More discussion in Michigan’s legislature to reduce our auto insurance rates between 20-30%.
Will it actually happen, who knows?
There appears to be a bipartisan coalition of 15 Michigan state representatives that have been working on and finally announced their auto insurance reductio…
Michigan Auto Insurance Too High or Not?
Michigan has had no-fault insurance since 1973.  The question is, is no-fault auto insurance to blame for the high cost of our auto insurance in Michigan.
According to the Mackinac Center for Public policy Michigan has:

At present, nearly 20 percent of Michigan drivers are uninsured, many because…
MI Auto Insurance Reform Braking
We have been discussing the reform — Michigan’s catastrophic insurance reform — for about a month now.  The reform in Senate Bills 248 and 249 is mainly focused on cost containment to our MCCA fund.
For example, as reported by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy:
“Under the system as it is now insur…