Auto Insurance reform

State Rep. Maturen on Failed Auto Insurance Reform
A bill that would create three tiers of auto insurance options crashed and burned in the state legislature. State. Rep. Dave Maturen voted against the 'no-fault" reform bill and outlined his concerns talking with Tim Collins on the WBCK Morning Show.
Interview with MCPP’s Director of Research on Auto Insurance
I will be interviewing Mackinac Center for Public Policy Director of Research Michael Van Beek at 11:06 tomorrow morning.
Michael has been looking into the auto insurance reform issue and wrote the following:
State lawmakers are poised to take a huge step towards reforming Michigan&CloseCurl…
20-30% Drop in Your Michigan Auto Insurance, Maybe
More discussion in Michigan’s legislature to reduce our auto insurance rates between 20-30%.
Will it actually happen, who knows?
There appears to be a bipartisan coalition of 15 Michigan state representatives that have been working on and finally announced their auto insurance reductio…
Michigan Auto Insurance Too High or Not?
Michigan has had no-fault insurance since 1973.  The question is, is no-fault auto insurance to blame for the high cost of our auto insurance in Michigan.
According to the Mackinac Center for Public policy Michigan has:

At present, nearly 20 percent of Michigan drivers are uninsured, many because…

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