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Police: Keep Safe As Schoolkids Return to Class
Calhoun County schoolkids are settling into their routines once again, as classes resumed on Tuesday, September 6 in most districts.
Law enforcement officers say safety reminders are necessary for motorists, parents and kids as they return to their school schedules - and perhaps are distracted by the…
Harper Creek Delays School Opening
It looks like a late start in the return to school for Harper Creek students, after mold was found in three classrooms in the middle school.
The affected areas were cleaned, after discovery of the mold, but tests show that the problem continued...
Back to School: 11 School Fire Safety Tips
When you think "back to school" you may not be thinking about fire safety. But, Mike McLeieer of the fire safety organization ESCAPE says you probably should be.
Here are 11 fire safety tips from ESCAPE for parents, teachers and students:

Fire drills should be held at least once a mo…