BC Vision

BC Vision Seeks More Citizen Input
Brenda Hunt, CEO of the Battle Creek Community Foundation, is also a BC Vision steering committee member and tells WBCK efforts are underway to appeal to members of the community to join their efforts.
"Many of our positions are basically Caucasian, so, we want to make sure...
A Reporter's Look At BC Vision
As the BC Vision effort works to transition from information gathering to actual action, teams are working to determine their roles in the process. That's the word from Battle Creek Enquirer reporter Dillon Davis, who, along with colleague Jennifer Bowman are continuing to watch the process clo…
Hunt: BC Vision Is 'A New Road'
Brenda Hunt, president and CEO of the Battle Creek Community Foundation, continues to express great optimism about the BC Vision effort underway in Battle Creek.
BC Vision passed a 100-day target this week, a checkpoint in the community visioning and action plan effort...

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