Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan

Latest BBB Scam Alert
The Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan continues to update consumers about ongoing and new scams targeting the area.
President and CEO of the BBB here, Phil Catlett, tells The Richard Piet Show scam artists are often seasonal or timely, targeting customers based on that which is happening or …
Fight Against Skimmers Goes On
If you've been a victim of identity theft or a credit card scam - or even if you haven't - it's likely you've heard the warnings. Scam artists are out there, working hard to steal your digits and make a purchase on your dime.
One of the latest ways is via the pay-at-the-pump credi…
This Week: Beware of Scams!
Coming up this week on The Richard Piet Show on WBCK, be listening for news and information about scams you should avoid.
On Wednesday from 8:08-8:30am, the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan will discuss the latest consumer scams you should know about, and how to avoid them...