Bob Coward

Mild Fall Means It Is A Great Time To Plant, Fertilize
WBCK's Bob Coward, host of the Cowardly Gardner spring and summer garden show  and "Ask Bob" heard in the off-season on Saturday mornings has plenty of opinions - and advice! - for gardeners during this mild fall.
Coward tells The Richard Piet Show the mild weather makes f…
Slow It Down, Spring!
A little warm weather, and up pops spring in a lot of yards. That tends to get most of us stoked for spring - and anxious to get the yard and garden in order.
WBCK's "Cowardly Gardener" Bob Coward, host of the Saturday morning garden show on WBCK, would just as soon put the bra…
Another Battle Creek Red Carpet
If  you missed the first red carpet premiere of the new TV show "Battle Creek", you have another chance.
The Calhoun County Visitors Bureau plans a watch party as the show premieres on CBS-TV Sunday evening. The event, which is being held in the newly remodeled ballroom at the McCamly Plaza…