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Kellogg Employees Exposed To Freon Cleared For Discharge
The majority of Kellogg Company employees who were sent to the hospital after a gas leak have now been released.
Bronson Battle Creek says in a press release that when the hospital learned that 18 people were coming in for exposure to hazardous materials Wednesday, a decontamination tent was set up o…
Battle Creek Meijer Evacuated After Fire In Cart Area
A Meijer store in Battle Creek had to be evacuated early Monday morning after a small fire started in the cart storage area near the front of building.
The Battle Creek Fire Department says in a release that around 2am Monday, fire crews were called to the Meijer on W...
New Recycling Center Opening In Marshall In February
A new recycling center is opening in Calhoun County next month!
The Calhoun County Health Department says that the Marshall Recycling Center will be located at 13,300 15 Mile Rd, and joins four other centers in the county.
The center will open February 7, and with then be open on Tuesdays from 10am to…
Health Dep. Says Norovirus On The Rise In Calhoun County
The Calhoun County Health Department has issued a warning about the rise of Norovirus in our area.
Norovirus is an illness that can cause symptoms of nausea, stomach cramps, fever, headache and others. Norovirus symptoms typically last one to three days, with symptoms appearing roughly 24 hours after…
Explosive Materials Detonated In Convis Township
Calhoun County authorities had to call on the Bomb Squad Tuesday afternoon, after explosive materials were found at a residence.
Just before 1pm Tuesday, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Battle Creek Police Department's Bomb Squad responded to a home in the 21,…
Calhoun County Man Suffering Poisoning From Rare Heavy Metal
Calhoun County authorities are looking for the source of a rare poison that has hospitalized an Emmett Township man.
Area law enforcement are being joined by the Calhoun County Health Department, CDC, Environmental Protection Agency and others in figuring out what led to the 41-year-old victim s…