Banana Peel Ends Greek Event
Have things gotten out of hand, I would have to say what happened at the University of Mississippi proves it has.
Some student noticed a banana peel hanging in a tree during a Greek Life retreat at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).  T...
Renk Interviews Senator About Free Speech on College Campuses
Please join me tomorrow (Tuesday) at 09:06 AM, I will be interviewing State Senator Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton Township. Senator Colbeck and I will be talking about his two bills he introduced that would require state universities to adopt policies that protect free speech and intellectual debat…
Bubbles and Laughter Yoga for our Young Adults
You have heard and we have spoken about the violent protests that have been happening for some time now across the country.
I have been asking the question why these violent protest are happening now.
Why are people unable to protest without violence these days...
Can Free Speech be declared Hate Speech and Shutdown?
We all of heard of the liberal college campuses students and administrations attempting to shutdown speech they do not want to hear.
It is happening everywhere it seems these days.
The new tactic of the left is calling speech they disagree with “hate speech”...
College Students, Loans and Forgiveness
Is this more evidence of the entitlement society our young adults feel they are, shall we say, entitled to?  Or is this more evidence of our young adults just not knowing much?
The New York Post is reporting about a survey of 500 college students performed by a private company called LendEDU that app…

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