Michigan Constitution 3 - Governor Whitmer 0
The Court’s latest decision on immediate effect is in relation to the lawsuit filed by the State Legislature with a majority of Republicans. They asked the State Supreme Court to apply its rulings from the earlier case to the legislature’s challenge of the Governor's actions.
KCC Sued in Federal Court
Do you remember last year when 2 Kellogg Community College (KCC) students and 3 students from different colleges where attempting to pass out pocket-size Constitutions on the KCC campus.  They were also attempting to recruit students to join the Young Americans for Liberty group...
Renk Will Interview An Atheist Today
Today on my show Live with Renk, I will be interviewing David Niose, legal director of the American Humanist Association (an atheist group), concerning their war against some religions.
Please tune in to see where in our Constitution they believe the fathers of our country stated there should be…